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Dartmud is a text based game there website can be found at dartmuds home page, Dartmud has a wide variety of skills and classes I will try to cover a few of these later, You can be a Fighter, Mage, Thief, or just a crafter if you wish, You can combine crafting with any of the others without any trouble combining Mages with fighters or thief is harder but can be done. I will be covering crafting first since it is the most widely used.

There are allot of skill's needed to craft in Dartmud there's Alchemy, Brewing, Ceramics, Chandlery, Cooking, Leather Working, Lumbering, Metallurgy, Sewing, Smithing, Stone Working, Wood Working, You may decide to specialize in just one craft or you may decide to do all of them. If your lucky you may even get someone to Teach you while you learn But being taught these skills is not necessary, helpful but not necessary.